Is Real Estate Investor Lead Generation Worth Your Time? Absolutely!

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Finding real estate investor leads is challenging but can be highly rewarding... and very lucrative. One investor can generate thousands of dollars in sales commissions several times over. Consequently, aggressive agents are finding creative ways to establish relationships with them.

The daunting DNC (Do Not Call) list is a significant hurdle that stops most marketers from pursuing them.  It’s a massive impediment to sourcing leads, but some agents are creating strategies for effectively working around it. You can, too...but you have to think outside the box and dare to do what others aren’t doing.

Free Online Real Estate Investor Lead Sources

Professionals and Business Leaders within your community can afford primary homes and, in many instances, second homes, vacation homes, commercial buildings and land, and other investment properties! 

Chances are good that you know some of them already. For example, I’ll bet you know at least one judge, high-profile attorney, dentist, doctor, or surgeon.  You also probably know a college professor, real estate developer, elementary/high school principal, police chief, and sheriff. And that’s just for openers! 

But what if you had a list of hundreds of potential investors like them? Do you think that would make a difference in your marketing success? Here's how to get them!

Using Online Databases to Source Real Estate Investor Leads

Let's look at lawyers in your county as an example.

lawyer salary image

Money.USNews says that in 2020 “Lawyers made a median salary of $126,930… and that the best-paid 25 percent made $189,520 that year, while the lowest-paid 25 percent made $84,450"...

In my estimation, all are excellent real estate investor prospects for buying or selling a home, with many being likely candidates for investment properties, too.

broward county attorneys

I searched the Florida Legal Bar Association website for attorneys in Broward County, FL. Amazingly, more than 10,000 attorneys were eligible to practice law in Broward County. That’s right… more than 10,000. The information included:

Their Names
Mailing Addresses
Bar #s
Office Phone #s
Cell Phone #s
Fax # Email Addresses

Here's the takeaway from the example! No Real Estate Agent should ever be in the predicament of having too few leads. This example is proof positive of leads being all around you; all you need to know is how to look for them!

Up Next!  Write Compelling Ads That Have Investors Calling You... and not you cold calling them

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A unique way to get around the DNC List is to create compelling ads and headlines in your communications to your leads that inspire and motivate them to call you… rather than you having to call them. If you’re not good at writing ads, you have a couple of options...

One. You can hire a copywriter, but who does that?  I do... and plenty of other marketers, too!

Why? Because we've learned the value of outsourcing tasks that don't match their strengths. No matter how we try to be exceptional at everything, sometimes our best isn't good enough!

Plus, we understand the power of the printed word and know that poorly written ads are a loss of time and money.  

Question: How many ads have you overlooked because they were poorly written and didn’t compel you to call for more information?  Plenty, I'm sure!  

Two. Another option is to invest in or use an ad writer software program. Enter a few words, and they will generate attention-grabbing, call-inducing ads – hundreds of them – over and over. And once you have an ad writer program you like, you’ll find many opportunities to use it.

A Go-To Headline & Title Generator I Frequently Use is "Tweak Your Biz."  With One Click, it creates hundreds of headlines. Some of them are awesome, making it challenging to settle on just one.  When that happens, you can use one as the main heading and others as subheadings. You can also get content ideas when using it. Try it out and see if you like it, too! It's free!

real estate investor lead 3

Compelling ads are not the exclusive domain of newspaper classified ads. You can effectively incorporate them in flyers, postcards, letters and brochures, email, website content, text messages, and more.

Additionally, you can use the Internet and place ads designed to elicit calls and responses from buyers, sellers and investors!

Once your copy is worth promoting, you need to be organized to respond to callers and follow up on their interests.  Here are some options -

• Use your phone’s voice message, call forwarding, and other available options to conveniently and automatically handle all incoming client-initiated calls. Voice messaging could be in the form of automatic recording from mobile phones or regular voice call recorders.

• Use instant messaging, text messaging, email, personal digital assistant, and fax to facilitate your business connections and send information to your clients.

• Direct respondents to your website. Make sure it has lots of content.  Pre-written content makes it super fast and easy to generate hundreds of pages in a relatively short time.

• Forward them to your autoresponder so that you can capture contact information for follow-up.

Summarily, when pursuing Real Estate Investor Leads, you want to offer better, faster, and friendlier service than others and win them over to you... and when you do, it can be for as long as you're an active agent.

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That's it for now.  Call me if you want to talk. Either way here's to your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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