Real Estate Web Site Content Is Key To Online Success

Real Estate Web Site Content is one of the most underappreciated asects of online marketing.  Still, it's key to boosting search engine 

real estate web site content key to online success

rankings and driving traffic to your web site. The more traffic you generate, the more leads you'll get...and leads are key to your success.

Quality real estate web site content generates interest in you and the services you provide. With it you can easily optimize your site to be found by Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Without it you don't even least not to the search engines.

But creating good web site content is easier said than done, as the better it is the longer it takes to produce. I know all to well from personal experience, as I've spent the last year or so reading and writing more real estate marketing reports, articles and web site content than I cared to.

If you write your own web site content you know what I mean. Writing in general is time consuming, but writing quality, memorable copy can be extraordinarily slow. The better you want the product to be the longer it takes to write.

There are 3 approaches to writing content for your real estate web site;

  • write it yourself
  • hire ghost writers
  • buy pre written content

Write It Yourself
If you're a good, fast writer this option might appeal to you. While you might rationalize that you can save the cost of a writer, how much will you really save when you factor in the loss of business due to engaging in non income producing activity.

When you sell homes your time can amount to hundreds to thousands of dollars an hour. You can hire ghost writers and purchase pre-written content for a fraction of that amount.

Although I write a lot of my own copy, I've hired ghost writers as well as purchased and used pre-written real estate marketing reports with a great deal of success. In fact, I now own thousands of pre-written marketing articles and reports and can't imagine doing business without them.

Hire Ghost Writers
If you've never hired someone to write real estate web site content you might be pleasantly surprised at both the quality and affordability. There are plenty of talented writers that you can hire at reasonable prices.

If you've not tried it before there are two places you can research available options; and  I've hired a couple of writers through these providers and was relatively satisfied with both.

Like anything else though you pay for what you get. So, if you opt for the least expensive writer you might get a product inferior to that of a more veteran writer and seasoned professional.

Buy Pre-written Content
I got hooked the first time I bought pre-written content. As you might imagine all of it wasn't good, but every now and then I'll purchase something that's outstanding... making all of the other purchases worth my time.

What's especially noteworthy about good content is that it's often ready for immediate use "as is" and with little need to rewrite it. And when it's all said and done you'll spend .35 to .50 cents an article, versus $5 - $35.00 per article ghost writers might charge.

Summarily, if building a web site is the first step in generating an effective online presence it is great web site content that keeps your web site visitors coming back - humans and search engines.

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