Creating a Real Estate Website; Start With Great Content

by Lanard Perry
(Sunny Florida)

Effectively marketing a real estate website begins with having one that has lots of great content - articles, white papers, reviews, web pages, news, widgets, calculators, images, blogs, auto responders, etc; the kind that will have your site visitors coming back repeatedly to browse and interact with it.

And the key to great web site content is the same as for articles, novels and other written works anywhere else - and that's the element of surprise, suspense and/of discovery that you dangle before your readers.

Keeping them engaged in your content and always wondering what's next should be at least one of your goals. That's something you can achieve...and it's within that context pre written content can be a major component in the development of your agent website.

real estate web site content
Here's some prewritten real estate web site content written especially for real estate agents, investors and sellers.

When you need it you simply select a pre-written article; which you can optimize yourself by taking a few minutes to personalize it to your specific market, website or niche focus.

However, you'll receive the best results when you integrate content into the initial design and construction of your website.

I purchase hundreds of articles, some I rewrite and reuse almost immediately, but there are more that I never do anything with. Actually that's not quite right - because I do use sort of use them by reflecting on them to give me ideas re specific phrasings, and concepts and ideas for other articles.

So, if your real estate marketing plans don't include writing articles and website content, and/or adding content to your web site on a regular basis then you need to rethink your strategy, as it is through web content that visitors will keep visiting your site long after you've quit writing for it.

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