Subject: Expired Listing System

by Gary Link
(Western New York)

Lanard, I am interested in purchasing your Expired Listing system but I have a question. We are currently sending letters to expired listings every week along with dozens of other agents. Does your system provide more leverage to get the seller to consider listing with you versus another agent with a typical expired listing letter?

We are in the Western New York area.

Thank you!
Gary Link

[Response] Hi Gary - it's hard to say without knowing exactly what others use and/or how they use it. My system is simple - it's a meat and potatoes kind of thing. Still, my letters were tweaked and refined over several years to maximize response.

Having said that I think the thing that will make any system successful, whether mine or someone elses, is consistency in which it is applied, which is the primary reason I had so much success.

I worked the system 5-6 days a week, without fail. Plus, even though I had competition from other agents it wasn't from many - and you probably won't either. Here's why! Most agents change systems like I change neckties, assuming they're even working a system. They typically don't stick with anything long enough for it to gain traction. And I'll back it up with this challenge.

If you randomly ask 10 agents if they work expired listings I'll give you my system FREE if more than 2 of them say yes and that they do it 5-6 weeks and they've been doing that for three months. If they say yes to these three things I'll give you a complementary copy of my system.

But I can tell you now that' it's highly unlikely that you're going to find two out of 10 agents who will answer yes. Despite what you might think there's room for agents in every community to have success farming expired listings.

My system also comes with FSBO and Vacant Property Owner Letters, too. And I had little competition for the properties I targeted because of the way I went about it. Here's how I did it.

Instead of calling FSBOs, which I hated, I mailed them letters. Every other agent and their uncles were calling and pestering FSBOs while I sent letters, which were still sitting in the homes of owners while phone calls from agents were forgotten even before the calls were terminated. Want to guess who got callbacks? Me!

Every time I drove by a FSBO or a property that was obviously vacant I'd jot down the address, look up the owners name and mailing address when I got back to the office and send them a letter. So, I guess you can say I farmed FSBOs and Vacant Property Owners, too! My system includes these letters, too!

In closing, thanks for considering my system, but know that in the end your dedication to applying whichever system you invest in will have a big impact on your success!

Comments From Lanard. Kevin. Thanks for the update and status of things with with the Expired Listing Syste. Sounds like you're on task . Consequently, I'm optimistic of a positive outcome for you. Also, I want to encourage you to use the Bonus Letters, too! When mailed in combinations they can provide some serious synergy generating leads. They're ideal for farming areas, niche markets, buyers and investors; and include a FSBO Letter, a letter for commercial properties, absentee property owners, and more.

Here's a link to my Expired Listing Letter System to make it easy for readers of this review to find it!

In closing, give me a call or shoot me an email message when you get your first listing using the system and we'll figure out a way to celebrate the occasion. Thanx, Lanard

Lanard Perry

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