Turnkey Flyers - Lightening Fast & EZ To Use

TurnKeyFlyers - if you need real estate flyers try these.  Their flagship product is a set of 53 Re-Usable Flyer Templates that look awesome! 


Here are Other Templates They Offer

Commercial Real Estate Flyers (55 Designs)

Upscale Magazine Style Dream Home Flyer Templates (7 Designs)

Multi-Property Market Update Farming Package

An Open House Kit Designed To Help You Get More Leads from Your Listings

A Set of Multi-Purpose Flyers... and   

A Turnkey Top Producer Package For One Or Two Agents (53 Designs)  

Admittedly, I may be a little biased regarding how good their templates are, as I may earn a commission fee when you purchase any of them through my links. However, you get to try them risk-free to see how awesome they are. 

Here's what I like about them the most...


1. They're Ready To Use Right Out of The Box. If you like PDFs' look and feel, you'll love these templates.  With their point-and-click functionality, you'll be editing text and pictures quickly.

2. They Have Sizzle!  You can make great-looking flyers using these templates whether you're a real estate agent, investor, or FSBO.  They can quickly be fine-tuned to reflect a change in office, broker, city, or location. 

So, no matter where you go or who you work for, you'll never have to buy a set of real estate flyer templates again. You can get started today if you like.

3. They're VERY Easy To Use.   How easy?  Start typing on the flyer template like Wordany letter or word document.  This ease of use makes changing text as easy as 1-2-3.  

Here's what to expect.  Each flyer template includes a headline, price, address, paragraph description, agent contact information, and bullet points. Just start typing, and you can be finished in minutes.

4. Changing Photos Couldn't Be Easier.  Another great feature of these flyers is that changing photos is easy. Still, the most impressive thing is that you don't have to waste time adjusting the size of the images - they adjust automatically! I don't know of any other flyer templates with this feature. 

5. They're Fast, Faster, Fastest.   These flyers are probably faster than any templates you've ever used - from start to finish.  I've used plenty of templates before and found most to be slow loading and a bit cumbersome, no matter how user-friendly they are. 

But not these flyers - these are lightning fast.  They're fast loading, and before you know it, you're done. 

That's it! Turn-Key Flyers are perfect for Single Agents, Teams, and Brokers. Marketing Assistants, Virtual Assistants, New Agents, Veteran Agents, For Sale By Owners, and anybody looking to sell listings and properties. Don't delay  - click here for more about them.

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