Free Email Marketing Software

free email marketing software

Are you looking for Free Email Marketing Software? Then consider Get Response.  Sign up, give it a go and see if it’s right for you.  And you get to try it 100% risk free!

Get Response professes to having the worlds easiest software to use - and that within a few minutes you can be creating stunning newsletters, auto-responders, landing pages and more.

Well, they got just about all of that right! Their software is easy to use, although it’ll take you more than a few minutes to get a functional feel for it. Also, their newsletter and email templates are very attractive and suitable for just about any business imaginable.

Start Fast With Free Email Marketing Software

I started Email Marketing with Get Response in 2005 via a Free Trial Offer and sixteen years later (2021) I’m still with them.  What I lacked in knowledge when I began I made up for with a commitment to do two things

  1. to make my first thousand dollars selling products and services online... and 
  2. to grow my email marketing subscriber list to one thousand or more subscribers!

Blessedly, I succeeded at both things and even watched my email subscriber list peak at a little more than 3600 subscribers. However, it’s rolled back some since then.

Free Email Marketing Software - Trial Offer! 

Understandably, newbies can be anxious bout making mistakes when working with software they’re unfamiliar with, which can be a reason to not try something different, daring and new.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that with Get Response, because if you make a mistake you can correct it then, or later; or, you can delete it altogether and start again.

I used the Free Version for a couple of weeks, got my basic understanding of how to use it relatively quickly, then upgraded to a professional version in short order. 

While the Free Trial was good, it served up Sponsor Ads that you'll have absolutely no control over, which is okay for some users. However, I was looking for a polished, professional look and the ads detracted from that. So I upgraded to a paid service. It was affordable enough that it was an easy decision to make.

Free Email Marketing Software Limited Time Offers Can Be Productive

If you’re ready to generate leads, sell products and grow your profits Get Response’s Email Marketing Software is one way to go. 

With its Basic Plan you can send emails to build an engaged contact list.  The first 30 Days are FREE.  If you continue beyond that you can expect to pay $15/month for a List Size of 1,000 and it scales up from there.

What you'll get includes: Email marketing, Autoresponders, Unlimited landing pages, Unlimited automation templates, 1 Sales funnel, Unlimited lead funnels, Facebook Ads, Sell e-products.

Plus, it comes with 220 email templates, 180 landing page templates, 700 webform templates, 40 funnel templates and 5000 stock photos.

Wrapping Things Up

Email Marketing is a potent marketing strategy that can help you get more leads and listings and convert them to sales.

Once you harness its ability to automate many of your marketing tasks - including responding to requests for information; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year – your dreams and aspirations will flourish... and become even bigger dreams and aspirations.

And just think, the beginning of all this could be Get Response’s Real Estate Marketing Software’s Free Trial Period.

Click here to learn more about it.

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