Hot Real Estate Leads

Hot Real Estate Leads are an agent's blessing when they have them, but a major source of anxiety when they don't have enough 

Hot Real Estate LeadsHot Real Estate Leads

of them... but that's because securing enough leads to sustain their livelihood is mandatory versus being an option. Consequently, it is arguably the single most important aspect of an agent’s career, as they can't last in the business without leads!

Fortunately, there are lots of effective ways to generate Real Estate Leads, many of them being free to low cost. Here's a look at seven of them to boost your real estate marketing success!

Seven Ways To Generate Hot Real Estate Leads

#1. Develop a Social Media Strategy.  At a minimum it should include Facebook, the most popular social media platform worldwide. Reportedly, in November 2020 it was the first social network to surpass 1 billion registered account users and was then sitting at more than 2.7 billion monthly active users. If you want to get leads you need to go and be where the leads are! 

#2. Retool Your Website to Be a Lead Magnet. Having a website is good, but having one that is a powerful real estate lead generator is better. Search Engine Optimize it so that search engines will rank it high for your city and state. If have you need to add some new content to your website to accomplish this then by all means do. Content is relatively inexpensive these days and can be the value add that elevates you to another level of marketing success. 

275 Prewritten Real Estate Website Content Articles.

#3. Give Away Special Buyer and Seller Reports. A great way to generate Hot Real Estate Leads is to give away something perceived as being of high value. For sellers that could be article/reports including one about how to sell their home for the most money - and for buyers it could include information about the advantages of selecting a home in a great location. These article/reports are often packaged as prewritten real estate website content and is readily available at a modest cost. 

#4. Advertise For Buyers if You Want Buyer Leads. It's a simple strategy that can be implemented in an easy, straightforward manner. Select a house for sale, your listings or someone else's; make and distribute a flyer with the call to action being to text or email you for more information.  Once you have their contact information you can continue calling/texting until hopefully you sell them something. Any agent can implement this idea beginning today. Seriously, do it today!

#5. Sponsor a Virtual Home Buyer Workshop.  Co-sponsor it with a lender, attorney, appraiser and/or title company to educate the attendees about the home buying process. The more diverse your speakers are the more engaging, interactive and ultimately successful the event can be. Give your co-sponsors 10-15 minutes each to present on their subject matter expertise and limit total time to up to 1 hour. This idea is applicable to sellers, too.   

#6. Start a Community Newsletter. Whether online or offline, people love receiving information pertinent to their real estate buying and selling interests; including what houses are listed for sale in their neighborhood, which ones sold and for how much, who the new neighbors are and that sort of thing.  Additionally, you can allow space for folk to announce garage sales and various services (baby sitting, house sitting, pet sitting, painting, lawn maintenance, etc. - I think you get the idea).  Give people a platform and they'll come to it in droves. 

#7. Create a "Guide To Selling Your Home In 2021" and Generate Some Hot Real Estate Leads! Find yourself some good real estate web site content or real estate articles to put the guide together. Once you have done that here's what to do. Give it away to as many people as you can.

Select a neighborhood, create a flyer offering the free guide to homeowners and hand distribute it. Alternatively, you can mail it to them. Your language on the flyer should say they can get the guide by emailing or texting you for immediate delivery... and then BAM! You'll have acquired their contact information just that quickly for future and continued marketing until you convert them to paying customers. 

The Power of Advertising is Absolute!

When you place an ad for prospects to call you when interested in what you're offering you're engaging in response marketing. Simply, the objective is to get buyers and sellers to respond and initiate contact with you.

And because they are initiating the contact with you they'll be in a ready to do business mindset. Obviously, this is a huge difference from cold calls, as an example, where most recipients of your calls don't want to be all... maybe never! Just kidding - kind of!

Hot Real Estate Leads In Review

There's more to successful real estate lead generation than meets the eye. Many marketing gurus, online or offline, tout how easy it is to generate leads, but here's what I have to say about that! If it was as easy as they say there wouldn't be such a high turnover rate for new real estate agents. 

Still, generating enough leads to establish and sustain a profitable business is very doable - with the right strategies, tools and systems, of course! And what real estate agent isn't interested in generating more leads, getting more listings and converting them to sales and commissions?

With some luck, but more persistence and determination, these lead generating ideas can transform you to an enviable lead generating machine!  

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