Hot Real Estate Leads

Serious agents are always in pursuit of one thing - Hot Real Estate Leads. Securing enough leads to sustain a livelihood is arguably the single most

difficult part of every agent’s career.  You can't last without leads!

While cold calling remains an option the "Do-Not-Call" Rule has seriously crippled those employing this approach. 

A reportedly $11,000.00 fine is nothing to sneeze at!  It's not a loss to me because I never liked cold calling anyway!

Fortunately, there are lots of other ways to generate Hot Real Estate Leads. In fact, in many instances you'll only be limited by your imagination! 

For example, five lead generation ideas that quickly come to mind are;

Others that come to mind are Real Estate Fax Leads, Online Real Estate Leads, Real Estate Lead Generators, Real Estate Leads via Lockboxes, Real Estate Leads via Parade of Homes and lots more! 

Additional Real Estate Lead Ideas can be found here!

Response Marketing

When you place an ad for prospects to call if interested in what you're offering you're engaging in response marketing.  Simply stated, the objective of response marketing is to get buyers and sellers to respond to an ad you placed and initiate contact with you.

And because they are initiating the call to you they're in a ready to do business mindset.  Obviously, this is a huge difference from cold calls where most recipients of your calls don't want to be all!

Lead Generation - There's More to It Than Meets The Eye

Many real estate honchos, online or offline, profess how easy it is to generate leads, and if it was as easy as they say there wouldn't be such a high turnover rate among real estate agents.  Still, generating enough leads to carve out a profitable business is very doable - with the right strategies, tools and systems, of course!

As a real estate agent, who would not want to gain more hot leads, more listings, more customers and bigger commissions?

These lead generating ideas can soon have you on your way to getting more real estate prospects and converting them to paying customers!

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