Optin Email Marketing

Optin Email Marketing Can Boost Your Business And Lead To More Leads, Listings And Sales.  Many websites and online businesses have discovered that sending promotional materials to people who request it can boost their traffic, leads and sales.

optin email marketing

Specifically, businesses send newsletters, catalogs, updates and other information to prospects who subscribe to their mailing lists and agree to receive followup information and updates.

A prospect on the list will receive their updates through email. If a promotional material piques their interest they will go to the site to learn more about it, or maybe even to purchase a product.  Such is the essence of Email Marketing...and it is ripe with opportunity.  

Why the ‘Opt-In’ is the Most Critical Factor to Email Marketing  
Opt-in email marketing is the most powerful marketing tool that ever existed. It has a 40 to 1 ROI, it spurs consumers to spend 83% more money when shopping, and 66% of people make buying decisions based on the email marketing messages they receive.(source: 9 little known fact that make email more important than Facebook and Twitter)

However, this power is completely thrown out the door when an email sender doesn’t get permission from the recipient via an opt-in. Without an opt-in, your email is completely worthless, its digital garbage, its SPAM.

Even if you know the recipient personally, sending them a marketing message without getting explicit permission with an opt-in is a waste of your time and theirs.

Single vs Double Optin for Email Marketing Should you use single or double opt-in when growing your email list? It depends and the answer may differ from person to person.  However, there are some fundamental trues to consider when deciding on what might work best for you. 

For example, the common concern with double opt-in is that it requires the customer to perform the additional step of opening an email and clicking a link to confirm they want to opt-in.

Essentially, this means that not everyone completes the confirmation step. This could be because they don’t get the double opt-in confirmation email, don’t get around to reading and clicking the link in the email or have a change of mind.  

How To Build Optin Mailing Lists Okay, so you know that building an optin email marketing list is cheaper than is sending direct mails. Printing, envelopes and paper used as material further add up to the cost. There are some proven ways to effectively start your opt-in mailing list. 

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