Real Estate Expired Listing Postcards 

Mailing Real Estate Expired Listing Postcards is an awesome way to Farm Expired Listings. Equally effective as expired listing letters 

expired listing postcards real estate

and flyers, if not more, postcards offer the advantage of having their messages read as soon as they’re picked up – folk don’t have to open or unfold anything to do read the messages.

The challenge for real estate agents is to generate enough leads to earn a good living and sustain a career… and even when they're successful it’s still made hard by the fact that the marketing is not a one-off event – it has to be repeated day after day in order to renew and replenish leads.

If you have the capacity to maintain your license whether you make any sales or not consider yourself blessed.  Unfortunately, that’s not the reality of most agents, as a high percentage of them exit the business within 12 months of getting licensed. For them they need to build a solid foundation for current and future success.  Following is how postcard marketing can do that for them.  

Five Reasons to Use
Real Estate Expired Listing Postcards  

Real Estate Expired Listing PostcardsHere's Why I Love Mailing Real Estate Expired Listing Postcards
  1. They Are Affordable - The cost of mailing postcards versus letters can be significant. Specifically, the cost of paper, envelopes and stamps for letters could conceivably be almost double that of postcards. Consequently, your advertising budget with go farther with real estate postcard marketing
  2. They Are Short, Sweet And To The Point – Postcard messaging, by necessity, has to be brief. Afterall, there’s so little space to write on. Still, with some deft word smithing and an economy of words you can create some inspiring campaigns that motivate folk to contact you and/or give you the response that you want.  
  3. They Are More Personal – People like doing business with people they know and/or feel connected to in some way and you can establish and nurture relationships with your readers through postcard marketing campaigns. Mail them on a regular basis and folk will start looking forward to receiving them.
  4. They Can Be Targeted To A Specific Audience – Here’s where you decide how large or small of an audience you want to market. You can target recent expireds for a relatively small, but still adequate number of prospects; or target old expireds going back 3-6-9-12 months or longer for more robust marketing campaigns.    
  5. They Are Branding Opportunities – Creating a brand is important, because like any product or service the better known it is the more likely people will do business with you. Real Estate Expired Listing Postcards can do that for you - the more of them you mail the faster you will establish and grow your brand. How so? Imagine what mailing just 500 postcards a month for 12 months (6,000 postcards) will do for your brand.

Summarily, if you want a great way to convert expired listings to new listings mailing postcards could be right for you. I mean what could be easier than mailing postcards and wait for the phone to ring with people wanting to do business with you? 

Want Six More Awesome Reasons to Mail Real Estate Expired Listing Postcards?

Then Check Out this Great Article By MyRePostcards.Com  - it cites a USPS Household Diary Study that shows some of what you may already know:   

  • 81% of Americans check their mail every single day 
  • direct mail generates a 750% better response than that of email 
  • personalizing your expired listing marketing can result in 135% more responses 
  • including photos of yourself helps to personalize your marketing and stand out from others 
  • personalizing your postcards is easy to do and yields favorable results 
  • providing irresistible free offers attracts more leads 
  • mailing postcards can generate extraordinary returns 

What it comes down to is this: mailing Expired Listing Postcards to cultivate new business opportunities work... and getting started can be easy! 

That's it for now!  Here's to Your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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