Sell a Home - It's Easier To Do When
You Know the Real Reason for Selling

Do you know what truly motivates someone to sell a home?  People sell homes for a variety of reasons, but as a 

sell a home

Realtor to truly connect with your prospects it’s best to show them how much you understand their specific reasons for selling. You must fully understand the hidden motivations of your prospects; otherwise all your efforts will be done in vane.

Relationships Create Opportunities to Sell Homes

Remember, homeowners list with Realtors that they know, like and trust. So the more you can relate to their situation the better off you will be. People selling homes have various and diverse needs which need to be understood to provide the best services.  Unfortunately, many Realtors fail to explore the emotional concerns that their prospects might be facing.

Of course, most Realtors will know at a surface level that people are selling homes because they are retiring, or because they want to relocate closer to their grandchildren, or because they are expecting their 3ʳᵈ baby – but knowing this basic knowledge isn’t really enough. You have to look beneath the surface and show your prospects that you fully relate to their situation!

Sell a Home Opportunity Example

You may be meeting with a couple that wants to sell a home because of retirement, but do you really know and understand the concerns that they feel as this time in their life approaches?

Having only a basic understanding of their situations is certainly not enough, to build a strong relationship with prospect that want to sell a home, to secure their listing you should consider taking your relationship to a higher level. By investing more time to find out the true motivation behind the sale, you will end up way ahead.

Find out if they are they worried about paying their property taxes because of their reduced income. Find out if they are planning to travel and leave their property for an extended period of time. Find out if they like to have access to more family support, as they age. These are the real selling hot buttons. If you can identify the true reasons and concerns that your prospects have, you will be chosen to sell their home.

Sell a Home - The Alpha & Omega

Selling homes begins with asking the right questions. If you ask your prospects open-ended questions and let them elaborate on how they feel about selling, you will eventually know their real concerns and make the transition to a new home much easier.

Open-ended questions request an elaborate answer, rather than a yes or no. They begin with why, how, where, tell me, and what - rather than do, can or are. Try creating a list of three to five questions that you can ask your prospects, so that they will open up and tell you how they are feeling.

Questions such as…

  • How do you feel about leaving your home after 30 years?
  • How do you feel about being closer to your children?
  • What types of financial changes are you expecting from your retirement?

By knowing how your prospects feel you will experience a smoother sales process.

Keep in mind, that with all major purchases, a buyer (or seller in this case) typically goes through a period of remorse. When people sell a home it’s quite normal to wonder if they are doing the right thing and what the consequences of their actions might be. Once a decision to sell a home has been made, you as a Realtor can counter this remorseful buying stage buy reaffirming the emotional reasons behind the sale.  

Dig deep, once you know the real reasons behind selling, you can put your prospect’s mind at ease and remind them of the benefits that they will experience in the long run.

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