Real Estate Email Marketing - The Easy Way To Convert Leads To Paying Customers

My First Real Estate Email Marketing Campaign was a life changing event. In a few weeks I went from zero leads to maybe a dozen or so; to dozens in a

few months, hundreds in about a year and steam rolled to several thousands in a few years.

And although we probably market to different audiences; me to real estate agents and you to buyers and sellers, you too  can also experience some of the same successes using them using them as I did; specifically, increased sales, income and profits.

The biggest appeal about real estate email marketing is once you set up a campaign is it’ll convert leads to more listings and sales. All you have to do is drive leads to it.  Here's an example of what I'm talking about. Check it out now - I'll wait for you to get back.

I launched my first campaign in 2005 and I'm still using it to this day.  In years 2- 6 I enrolled thousands of newsletter subscribers and sold lots of products (Ebook, letters, website content, flyers, etc.).

Understandably, business dropped off during the recent recession, but thankfully started rebounding along with the rest of the real estate industry about a year ago.  Although business levels are not what they were the market is improving, month by month.

So, how is this relevant to you?  Automatic Email Marketing is perhaps the most underutilized tool available to agents today.  It’s the least expensive of all other marketing strategies I know of at just cents per lead; and few agents do it effectively, which means more potential business for you.

Is Email Marketing Right For You?     
Probably! But here are a few questions for you to be sure. If you answer “yes” to any of them Real Estate Email Marketing is most definitely for you.

  • Are you a new agent looking for cost effective ways to generate leads?
  • Are you a veteran agent looking for ways to progress to a higher level of success?
  • Would you like to be more productive while spending less time doing what you’re doing?
  • Do you think automating your ability to follow up on leads can help you convert more leads and prospects into paying customers?

OK, so lets learn a little bit more Email Marketing and what I call the Secret Weapon...Auto-responders; also known as Email Marketing Services, Drip Marketing, eNewsletters, Electronic Newsletters, etc. The one that I use and recommend is Get Response. However you should select one based on what works best for you.Below are a number of them to consider.

Finally, below is more information about Real Estate Email Marketing and how it can boost your leads, listings and success.  Bookmark the page now to come back to what I think of us a free degree in Online Marketing! Enjoy!

Free Email Marketing Services

Need an Email Marketing Service? Try one of these.  Discover for yourself what they're all about. Set up a couple of messages, place a subscriber form to capture names on your website, then get ready for a life time of subscribers.

Email Marketing Lists

Email Marketing Lists You can buy them, rent them, or create your own. However, the better long term strategy is to building your own list from the ground up, as each person on it will have a personal connection with you and therefore may be responsive to your mailings.

Email Marketing List Rental

Real Estate Email Marketing List Rental While building a mailing list of prospects is a far superior to buying or renting a list, buying and/or renting one is worth trying least once. If nothing else it's a quick way of generating traffic and interest in your product.

Opt-in Email Marketing

Optin Email Marketing There are some fundamental, guiding principals with regard to email marketing that you must adhere to...and one of them is "never spam" anybody - ever! . That principal is accomplished through "opt in" marketing, where every subscriber has to...

Double Opt In Email Marketing As the subject suggests, subscribers interested in receiving email communications from you have to confirm their interest - twice.  It's supposed to, and does, cut down on spamming - but there's a downside.

Email Marketing and Design

Email Marketing and Design Tips Learn how to get your messages read. Images, tables, charts, graphs, formatting and the like can add enough pizazz to engage readers long enough to catch their interest.  After that your content is what matters.

Real Estate Marketing Online

Real Estate Marketing Online I've been marketing online since 2004 and find that I sign up the most newsletter subscribers when I give away something of perceived high value for free in exchange for a  newsletter subscriber's email address.

email marketing helps business

Email Marketing Helps Business To Grow People do business with people they know and trust.  Consequently, establishing relationships is vital to your success.  Auto responders can speed up that process.

Bulk Email List Marketing

Bulk Email List Marketing Here's a parting piece of advice. You can create & execute well designed newsletter campaigns through Bulk Email Marketing  Campaigns that are fun, affordable, and exciting. 

Every day delayed in getting started with Real Estate Email Marketing is another day somebody is getting the business that you could be getting. Start changing your future today!

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