Expired Listing Marketing

by Lanard Perry

Expired Listing Marketing

Expired Listing Marketing

I'm not lazy, but I am a lazy marketer! And I'm not ashamed to say...in fact I'm proud of it and publicize it every chance I get. Expired Listing Marketing is one of the best strategies you can implement to generate business.

I intentionally look for and utilize tools, systems and resources to leverage more buyers and sellers while spending less time doing it. And if you have to ask what does this have to do with Expired Listing Marketing you must not know that farming expired listings is one of the best real estate lead generating strategies there is...period!

And it doesn't matter where you live; whether it's a big city like New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago- or a small town like Ocala, FL; Valdosta, GA and Greeley, CO.

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So I say yes - I'm a lazy marketer, but I also flatter myself by thinking that I'm a smart one!

Here's to your Successful Real Estate Marketing Career.
Lanard Perry

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