Generating Home Buyer Leads

home buyer leads

Generating Home Buyer Leads
The Idea! Market a Listing! Any Listing!
Decide How Much Commission You Want to Earn!
Select an Audience to Target
Make a Compelling Flyer
The Wording Matters, and Here's Why!
Distribute Your Flyers
Keep It Going

Home Buyer Lead Generation Ideas

The Real Estate Sales industry is thriving. Still, nearly 87% of agents fail within the first five years of entering real estate sales. Only 13% of them who enter the field are successful! To call it a competitive business is an understatement.

Hence, it's essential to have a robust lead generation system capable of procuring and renewing leads. This is especially true for new agents just starting their careers, but it's equally vital for experienced agents looking to sustain and expand theirs. So, what can agents do to generate and replenish viable real estate leads that convert to paying customers: buyers, sellers, investors, referrals, and the like?

Here's A Simple Idea That Works!
Market a Listing! Any Listing! 

I understand this may seem somewhat unconventional, but rest assured, it's entirely within your reach. So that you know – the only thing you need for this strategy is a listing you're motivated to sell.

What's that, you say? You don't have any listings? Not a problem! The beauty of this idea is you can sell any listing as a member of your Multiple Listing System (MLS) that's in it. All you'll need is the agent and brokers' permission to advertise it if it's not yours. Think you can do that? Of course, you can!

Or, suppose you've identified one listed with the company you work for. That's cool, too! You'll still need to get the agent and broker's permission. In addition to being a matter of professional courtesy, it's also a requirement. Either way, their approval is essential to assure compliance with regulatory requirements!

How Much Commission Do You Want to Earn! You Decide

What makes this idea truly exciting is that you get to decide upfront how much commission you want to earn! With a standard 6% commission, are you leaning towards a $200,000 home for a $12,000 payday or a $500,000 home for a $30,000 windfall? I'm eager to know your choice!

Select an Audience to Target 

Let's dive into a powerful strategy for boosting your reach and increasing your chances of success. You can start by focusing on areas where potential buyers are abundant, such as thriving apartment complexes. Now, here's the engaging twist: select an apartment complex where the monthly rent aligns with the approximate range of a new mortgage for your advertised house.

Once you've identified this ideal complex, take the next step and uncover the addresses of the units within it. Now, here's the magic in action: mail your compelling flyers directly to the occupants of these units.

The result? Every one of your flyers ends up in the hands of individuals who have a proven track record of being able to manage payments at the level of the mortgage on your selected property. While this may not be the sole qualifier for securing a new loan, it undeniably forms a significant and promising starting point!

Make a Compelling Flyer 

Once you've pinpointed a promising listing and secured the necessary permissions from the listing agent and broker, you're all set to create an attention-grabbing flyer, which should convey essential information effectively and entice potential buyers with compelling content.

Consider this an opportunity to showcase the property's most appealing features and highlight what sets it apart. Think about what aspects of the property will likely resonate with potential buyers and use this information to craft a persuasive message that draws them in.

Remember, the flyer is your first chance to make a positive impression and capture the interest of potential buyers. Use it to tell a story about the property, making it more than just a listing but a potential dream home. A well-crafted flyer can be a powerful marketing tool that sets the stage for a successful sale.

The flyer could look something like this:

home buyer lead ideas

The Wording Matters, and Here's Why!

Countless renters out there are fed up with shelling out their hard-earned money to pay for someone else's property, all the while dreaming of the day they can finally call a home their own.

But here's the kicker: many need to learn how to make that dream a reality or mistakenly believe they can't afford it! This is where you step in, ready to be their guide, mentor, and hero who turns their dream of homeownership into a tangible reality!

And your flyers will be the tool to connect them to you! Specifically, its offer of a free consultation to show them how to buy a home will generate phone calls, and its idea is threefold: 

  1. One, it will get prospects to call you. 

  2. Two, it will enable you to get their contact information for repeat contacts and become their agent of choice.

  3. Third, it'll allow you to gently guide them from casual callers to serious home buyer prospects through repeat contacts. 

The prospect of individuals being able to purchase a home for the same cost as renting will undoubtedly capture the attention of many. Many of the population aspires to homeownership but find it financially challenging. Therefore, when presented with an affordable home-buying alternative, it is likely to pique the interest of numerous potential buyers.

Adding a disclaimer that the opportunity may have limited availability will create a sense of urgency to act, encouraging individuals to make inquiries sooner rather than later.

Finally, Distribute Your Flyers

The more you circulate your flyers, the more home buyer leads you generate. In addition to selecting targeted apartment complexes, the idea equally applies to distributing flyers at shopping centers, malls, parades, sporting events, arts festivals, and wherever people gather. In many instances, you can place them on car windshields and be on your way; just be sure to comply with ordinances that govern distribution this way! 

Keep It Going

Once you launch this captivating campaign, maintain the momentum by continuously distributing flyers until you finalize the property sale. The beauty of it? As long as you persist, you'll consistently attract valuable leads. Envision the potential - one campaign capable of enduring indefinitely, bringing in a continuous stream of leads.

Here's the pivotal twist: once the property you're promoting gets successfully sold, you can select another property and seamlessly repeat the process. You don't need to bring the campaign to a halt; instead, keep it evolving by shifting your focus to a new property.

And the added bonus? There's no hindrance to running multiple simultaneous campaigns like this! Visualize it: individual campaigns catering to different price ranges, appealing to a broader spectrum of potential buyers. For example, you could have one for different price ranges:

  • $200,000 - $300,000 
  • $300,000 - $400,000   
  • $400,000 - $600,000 and so forth  

Your opportunities are infinite!

Wrapping Things Up

In closing, it's important to stress that having listings isn't a mandatory requirement for generating a substantial volume of home buyer leads. With this tool in your arsenal, you're empowered to pursue and cultivate many active home buyer leads, limited only by your capacity to manage them! 

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