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Generating Home Buyer Leads is challenging! Although the Real Estate Industry is a thriving business, approximately 87% of real estate agents fail in the first five years. Only 13% of those entering the business succeed!

Thus, it's vital to have a robust lead generation system capable of regenerating leads! While this is especially true for new agents just beginning their careers, it's equally applicable to veteran agents still trying to establish a foothold!

A method like this would be potent. And having leads calling you versus you calling them would make it all the more exhilarating!

Well, you can have this and more with this flyer marketing strategy. One that generates home buyer leads even when you don't have listings!

That's right! As simple and low-tech as real estate flyers are, circulating them can generate incredible leads, and abundantly so.

All that's required for this particular strategy is a listing you want to sell! And you get to determine the size and amount of the commission you'll earn. Assuming a 6% commission, will you choose a $200,000 home for a $12,000 payday, or a $500,000 home for a $30,000 one? I'll not guess what your decision is!

Don't have any listings? Not a problem! Because the beauty of this idea is you can sell any listing as a member of a Multiple Listing System (MLS). In that case, you'll need the agent and brokers' permission to advertise it.

Or, suppose you've identified one listed with the company you work for. You'll still need to get the agent and broker's permission. In addition to being a matter of professional courtesy, it's also a requirement. Either way, their approval is required.

Distributing Real Estate Flyers for Home Buyer Leads

Once you've identified a listing and received permission from the respective listing agent and broker, you'll be ready to make a flyer. The wording should look something like this:

home buyer leads ad

Next Up

Distribute the flyers, as many as possible, and over as short a period as possible. Locations, places, and methods include SMS text messages, email, handouts, and the like. Then wait for your phone to start ringing.

The Wording Matters, and Here's Why!

There are a few things worth noting here.

  1. The flyer starts with a question that begs to be answered. Many people are tired of renting and dream of owning their own homes one day. However, many need to learn how to do it or think they can afford it!

  2. People like freebies, so an offer of a free consultation to show them how to buy a home will generate some phone calls. The idea here is threefold!

    One is to get prospects to call you.

    Two is gently guiding them from casual callers to serious home buyer prospects.

    Three is to get their contact information for repeat contacts and become their agent of choice.

  3. The possibility that callers may be able to buy a home for the same rent will interest a lot of people. Most people want to own a home but can't afford it. So, when an affordable buying alternative is presented, many will jump on it. 

  4. Finally, the disclaimer that the home might not be available for too long will generate a sense of urgency, getting people to call sooner rather than later.

For this idea, designing and creating flyers is okay and not spending much money. If you own a computer and printer, you can print and distribute hundreds of them relatively cheaply.

And the more you circulate, the more home buyer leads you'll generate. Shopping centers, malls, parades, sporting events, arts festivals, and wherever people gather are great places to distribute them. You can place them on car windshields and be on your way.

Target Marketing Your Audience Can Lead To Bigger and Better Results

Generally, laser-like focused approaches work better than broader ones. In this instance, you should focus on where buyers are plentiful - and that's in apartment complexes!

Specifically, select an apartment complex where rent is in the approximate range of a new mortgage for the house you're advertising. Then look up the addresses of the units in the complex and mail the flyers to the occupants in them.

This will result in each of your flyers ending up in the hands of people with a demonstrated history of being able to pay the amount of the mortgage on the property you selected. And while that is not the ultimate qualifier for a new loan, it is a significant beginning!

Keep It Going

After you've started this campaign, you should continue distributing flyers until you sell the property. You'll pick up leads as long as you do. Consequently, one drive can last indefinitely and bring in an infinite number of leads.

And when you or someone else sells the property you're promoting, select another one and repeat the process. Therefore, there is no reason ever to drop the campaign. Reinvent and sustain it by moving on to another property!

Plus, nothing can stop you from running multiple campaigns like this simultaneously! For example, you could have one for different price homes:

  • $200,000 - $300,000 
  • $300,000 - $400,000   
  • $400,000 - $600,000 and so forth

Wrapping Things Up

As noted, you don't have to have listings to generate home buyer leads with this plan! And now that you have it, you are empowered to go out and generate as many home buyer leads as you can accountably manage!

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