How to Write a Standout Real Estate Agent Cover Letter: The Art of Persuasion

Real Estate Agent Cover Letter

A Real Estate Agent Cover Letter is an effective way to introduce yourself to buyers and sellers... and to establish or grow your brand. Good ones can help you source renewing streams of leads, thereby enabling you to generate sales and listings that might otherwise default to your competition. 

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Should You Write Your Own - Or Buy Them?

This is a great question! And the answer is - it depends! You might think writing good letters is easy, and they are until you start writing them. That's when you realize how challenging and frustrating it can be.  

And when it dawns on you that you'll need 4-5 sets of letters with 3-4 letters each for various campaigns, it becomes even more clear that it's something you don't want to do. It all comes down to this... if you can write letters that do the following, you should write your own...  

  • they engage readers 

  • they have Calls To Action that get your desired responses 

  • they generate new business (appointments, property showings, requests for information, comparable market analyses, etc.

If your letters don't accomplish the above, you are a great candidate for using prewritten real estate letters that others use with favorable results. 

Writing a good Agent Cover Letter is part art and part science. Get it right, and you'll save time and money while building a booming business.

real estate agent cover letter 2Given all you have to do, do you really have time to write great, persuasive cover letters?

Anatomy of A Great Real Estate Agent Cover Letter

So, what are the hallmarks of a great letter? A great letter has three essential parts: a Headline, the Letter Body, and a Call To Action.  Let's consider each one individually.

The Headline. The power is in the headline, and to write a good one, you need to think like your prospect, to know which buttons to push, which words will excite them, and which ones will put them to sleep.  But most of all, you must know how to use those words to make it impossible for them not to want to read the remainder of the letter.

Please convey your point in as few words as possible and forget about what your High School English Teacher used to tell you because the goal now is not to show the world what a talented and eloquent writer you are but to get a lead that you can convert into a paying customer.

The Body of The Letter.  This is where you convey the information you want to share.  Start by repeating the exact headline at the top of the body. Doing so reinforces the headline and reminds people why they are reading the letter in the first place.  It also prepares them for the call to action.  

The Call to Action.  A Call to Action tells your readers what you want them to do after reading your letter. Never assume that they already know what to do.  Design your Call to action to take them by hand and lead them to where you want them to go. Examples include:

  • This great deal won't last now. Call now to schedule an appointment to see it!

  • Text ##### for more information on this great home! 

  • Email nnn@nnnn now for more information 

For maximum response, you should combine your Call to Action with a free offer when you can. This increases the likelihood of them responding.  After all, you're not selling anything; you're giving something away. 

Maybe it's free real estate marketing reports like these, or it could be an entry into a drawing for a discounted commission offered to folk who list with you during a specific time frame.   

Sample Real Estate Agent Cover Letter 

Subject: FHA Loans: What Are They and Do You Qualify for Them

Dear Ms. Homebuyer,

Are You Familiar with FHA Loans And What They Might Mean To You? It matters because for many Americans, the skyrocketing price of real estate makes it impossible for them to save enough money to qualify for an adequate mortgage, let alone buy a home outright.

That’s why the Federal Housing Administration of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development has a loan insurance option that allows first-time buyers or anyone without much money for a down payment to purchase a home.

By guaranteeing lenders won’t lose all of their money if you default on your home loan, FHA’s insurance program increases the number of potential home buyers who can secure a loan from the lending institution of their choice. While the FHA program does help qualified buyers secure home loans, not everyone is qualified.

The first measure of whether a potential home buyer will qualify for FHA assistance is whether they have a good credit history and are employed or have enough income to handle a house loan.

It is a good idea to start establishing a credit history as soon as possible. You can do this by paying your utility bills, school, and car loans on time, applying for credit cards, and paying the bills promptly.

Want to Know More? Get My Full Special Report!
FHA Loans: What Are They and Do You Qualify for Them
Email “sendittome@youremailautoresponderaddress.”

Finally, and in closing, please feel free to call anytime about your real estate needs. I am looking forward to speaking with you soon!


Your Name

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Summarily, some agents benefit from writing letters. If they're good at it, it's a beautiful thing. On the other hand, if writing letters isn't part of your skillset, good rewritten ones are a good option.

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