Getting Real Estate Leads via Newspaper Ads Can Still Be an Effective Lead Generator

Getting Real Estate Leads via Newspaper Ads is a staple of real estate professionals; they are a convenient source of leads.  What can be easier than placing a newspaper ad, whether or not you're able to sell the listings you advertise?

Real Estate Leads via Newspaper Ads

But here's a little-known secret!  The real reason agents dole out hundreds and thousands of dollars in newspaper ads is that newspaper advertising is an effective tool for snagging more listings and capturing real estate buyer and seller leads, like the Big Dogs do with their websites.

Seller Leads
Most home sellers look at newspaper ads and then use them to decide who they'll list their properties with.  Newspaper real estate ads create an impression to home sellers that the real estate companies with the most or best-looking ads will do a great job in selling their homes.  And usually, it is the more prominent companies that put up the most ads. 

These large real estate companies also have an extensive inventory of houses which they put out in wide, two-page ads.  This process assures home sellers who require that their homes be advertised will receive the most exposure.

But as an agent, you know that your office may have more houses in its inventory.  So, the number of times a particular listing will be advertised is a matter of luck and timing.  Still, you can drive leads into your funnel with a seller lead generation website.

Buyer Leads
Another reason for putting up newspaper real estate ads is to gain buyer leads, too. Many buyers scan newspaper ads, and there's almost no end to the number of ads buyers read.  Or so it seems because according to a survey profile of Home Buyers and Home Sellers, only a meager five percent of people who look for homes in newspaper ads make a purchase.

In effect, a total of ninety-five percent up to ninety-eight percent of newspaper readers do just that; they read…and that's all they do.   

This is a stark difference from the whopping fifty-three percent of buyers who start their search in newspapers and magazines. 

But the most crucial reason newspaper ads are used so much for snagging real estate leads is that agents use this avenue as an effective means of self-promotion.  The idea is that the more their names are exposed and the more it gets to be familiar to readers, the more likely that home sellers will come and get them when they are thinking of putting up their homes for selling.  This is a very subtle yet effective form of branding. 

A New Perspective
Now that we've discussed how newspaper ads don't sell listings, let's discuss how you can with sequential autoresponders.  Nowadays, almost everyone is familiar with an autoresponder, although many don't know how it benefits businesses. 

An autoresponder can help your list of clients grow and even send each of them their personalized email message.  An example is to run a newspaper ad targeting FSBOs, offering a FREE Ecourse on the pros and cons of selling FSBO versus listing with a Realtor. And as you know, most FSBOs ultimately list with a Realtor!

Although some prospects will transact business with agents after one or two emails, most people require about seven or eight emails before they act. 

Autoresponders can really help you there, as they will do all of the emailing for you.  You don't have to keep sending manual emails or anything like that.  All you need to do is set up the email address, type in your preset message, and then feel free to send it as many times as you like.

It's made even easier when you use prewritten real estate marketing reports.  Decide which ones you want to use, personalize them with your personal contact information and let em rip!  They are a great way to capitalize on newspaper ads in a way that most agents don't think about!.

As research in the past has shown, personalized email from autoresponders is a great way to boost your business.  When you send a personalized email to one of your clients, the autoresponder by can address him or her by their name – which always makes a customer take notice.  While you could do this yourself using traditional email, it could take you a few hours if you have a long list of customers.

Autoresponders make sending personalized email a snap.  All you need to do is set up your email template, then select where you like the name to go.  You can add everyone in your customer list to the autoresponder, which makes sending emails a snap.  Once you have everything ready to go, all you need to do is send out the emails with one simple click.  Best of all – you don't have to set it up again when you need to send out broadcast messages.

Through the use of an autoresponder you can really boost your business.  If you're doing any email or any Internet marketing it will prove to be invaluable.  You can spend less time sending messages – and more time doing what you enjoy. 

If you've never tried an autoresponder before, you owe it yourself to check out everything they will do for you and your business.  Online businesses can get a lot of emails on a daily basis – which is where the autoresponder will really start to shine and show you just how great of an asset it really is.

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That' it for now! Here's To Your Real Estate Marketing Success!

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