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How To Get Real Estate Leads

by Lanard Perry
(Sunny Florida)

Stop Procrastinating and Start Acting!

Stop Procrastinating and Start Acting!

Instead of focusing on "How To Get Real Estate Leads" you need to stop reading and start doing.

More to the point, you can generate real estate leads any number of ways, from using real estate flyers to expired listing systems and everything in between. However, at some point in time you have to implement what you've learned.

Waiting until you think you're an expert on any lead generation strategy is detrimental to your success. For example, why study how to farm expired listings for 3-4 months before...

mailing your first letter?

running your first ad?

distributing your first flyer?

getting an auto-responder?

implementing a postcard marketing campaign?

developing strategies for multiple streams of real estate leads?

The answer of course is that you shouldn't wait, because the longer you put off implementing lead generation strategies the longer it'll take you to start generating income. How long can you afford that?

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Five Ways To Not Get Real Estate Leads
by: Lanard

I was talking to an agent the other day who was doing absolutely nothing to generate real estate leads...and she's not all that atypical of other agents.

So, I put together this tongue in cheek article to exaggerate the situation and hopefully prompt her and other procrastinating agents into action.

1. Don't engage in direct mail campaigns. Since we know that using real estate letters can lead to an ongoing stream of warm prospect it's bet to avoid mailing letters altogether.

2. Don't design, print and distribute real estate flyers; electronically, hand to hand or otherwise. Why? Because people like receiving colorful engaging flyers with strong call to actions. So, don't give them anything they like.

3. Forget about Postcard Marketing, too. If people like flyers they're absolutely wild about postcards, which are also proven lead generators. Again, don't print, design or distribute any at all and you're guaranteed to get zero results for your efforts.

4. Make sure your web site has little web site content as you can possibly muster. Less than 200 pages ought to ensure that it'll get buried in the search engine rankings and be read by only you and a few others.

5. Never read up on real estate marketing tips about how other agents are generating real estate leads. If you don't know about their success you've not lost anything...right?

That's it. I could go on for another 15 - 20 "things to not do to generate real estate leads", but I think these five make the point...which by the way leads to this question..."did you get it?"

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