Three Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

Strategies for Real Estate Agents. The real estate market has slowed down in a big way.  Sadly, some agents who came into the business last year have already left it; they could not generate enough quality leads to sustain a career.

strategies for real estate agents

But lead generation isn’t as difficult as some hype it up to be, and does not have to be cost prohibitive. Lead opportunities abound, and many are low to no cost.  Below are three of my favorites that you can implement immediately.

Learn To Use Business Cards Effectively
Right now I’ll bet you almost anything that you have a box full of business cards that you hardly ever pay attention to. 

The point of business cards is to always be running out of them. The ultimate goal is to give away as many as you can, as often as you can.  With the cost of them being relatively inexpensive they're one of the most using them more effectively is easily one of the most  cost effective strategies you can implement immediately!.

Do you consciously hand out cards on a daily basis, 24/7? No? Then give them away – 2 to 5 at a time.  Conveniently leave a few lying around wherever you go – the library, grocery store counters, in your doctor’s waiting room, to people you meet. 

Commit to giving out a box full every month, as a box of 500 cards equals a potential 500 leads.  Remember, effective real estate marketing is a matter of numbers.  The more people who know you're in the business and the more frequent you remind them of it the more money you can make.

Build a Mailing List

List building is arguably an underused strategy for business building, but you have to think mid to long term as it relates to sales.  It is not an immediate gratification strategy.

For example, as of today (8/21/07) I have a mailing list of approximately 3700 subscribers who signed up to receive my real estate marketing newsletter.  While I am proud of its size it’s taken nearly three years to build up to this number.

But what’s unique about it is that every person on my list opted in, meaning they requested to join my list in exchange for the information I provide, information much like this article that can help them increase their business.   

If you have any thoughts about a long term career in real estate marketing you should seriously start building your own mailing list today.

Use Real Estate Marketing Articles
Often times the use of real estate marketing articles and reports are overlooked by real estate agents, maybe because it also is not an immediate gratification process.  However, there is nothing better for establishing rapport and relationship building.  

It's a worn out phrase, but just in case it hasn't really sunk in yet, real estate marketing these days is about relationships. People search for information first, then look to buy second. 

And who do you think they’ll by from - a stranger that they’ve just met, or you, the agent who has helpfully provided information on a regular basis educating them about the home buying and selling process?  

My bet’s on the agent who’s provided them with the information, the one that they’ve come to know and trust. This can be you.

Plus, real estate marketing articles can be used for a many purposes, as web site content pages, articles to be submitted to online directories that provide links to your web site, in email marketing campaigns, and more.

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